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foreign aid (coronavirus) 中文

B2B Humanitarian Effort: Coronavirus disease (COVID-2019)


Suppliers of Medical Equipment Around the World

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Chinese Companies wishing to buy and donate in China 

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Why register with us?

Bulk Medical Supplies Available (FCL & Other)


Chinese companies pay directly to

Certified Foreign Medical Suppliers from Around the World. 

Full-payment (non-cancellable and non-returnable) at Time of Ordering


Global Logistics Freight Forwarding Partner Network  


First time exporting suppliers welcomed. Simple guided assistance offered. Once you are directly paid from the certified Chinese company, you will simply need to prepare your stock, much like on a regular day, at your loading dock and we will do the rest from your door to the corporate buyer’s address.


Please be aware that this is a Business-to-Business (B2B) service for bulk supply (FCL and other) of medical supplies to Chinese companies during the ongoing Coronavirus disease (COVID-2019) humanitarian effort. It is not direct to consumers or on-sellers.

Thank you,

Scott Neylon


Who is IE Trading Group?


Ordinarily, a small business based in Japan operated by one Australian (Scott Neylon: LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram), one Japanese personnel and numerous project-based partners. See our concept page for more general information. 


Simply, a past Chinese exporting partner recently contacted us to source medical supplies and things have evolved from there. We feel the need to serve others as well.


Due to the nature of the current situation and for efficient service to you and our partners, please kindly consider filling out the most relevant questionnaire above for you and your enterprise.   

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