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IE Trading Group is a digital media marketing partner for international brands, in English and also Japanese.


We are based just south-west of Tokyo, with a 'global digital reach’ expanding anywhere in the world. 


With a talented team of Native English and Native Japanese speakers that live & breathe our focused industries, our partnership with international brands can offer and deliver a range of digital media services.

IE Trading Group specializes in the following digital media service synergies:


#1. Acquiring Target Market Audiences – Social Media offers the ability to reach both current and potential consumers like nothing the world has ever seen. Our market-specific acquiring strategies complement these powerful technological tools.

#2. Building and Nurturing Markets – Digital community initiatives to support and induce activity among current consumers, and equally if not more importantly, potential consumers. 

#3. Collaborating with Your Import Partner – Collaboration synergies with your importing distributor and our team can result in your brand penetrating further in your target market region and gaining more market share in a sustainable and powerful manner.

​#4. Social Media Marketing on Multiple Platforms in Japan – Reach and continually share rich and measurable digital content with your target market with our proven social media strategies and digital platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo & Twitter).

#5. Get Leveraged with Co-Branding - Our exclusive ghost digital media brands via social media platforms can act as an additional marketing vehicle to share and push your message further.

#6. Social Media & Activity Audit Reports – Links to All Our Digital Media Activity Each Period. Everything We Have Done!

#7. Translation Services from English to Japanese and Japanese to English.

#8. Video Editing – Raw videos or additional parts just for Japan, we can do it all.

​#9. Video Translating & Subtitling Get your message across and not just your video imagery with incomprehensible noise (i.e. the English dialogue!).

#10. Video PromotionGet more exposure with your videos out there in the digital world with not just your multiple social media platforms but with ours too!

#11. SEO Strategies - Reach and gain traction with a targeted audience through our SEO strategies.

#12. Website Design – Original & Customized or cloned copy design of your current English website available in Japanese.

#13. Website Management – Clone Your Current English Website and we can manage the Japanese version.

#14. Email Marketing to your Japanese importing partner’s dealer network. Reach everybody!

#15. Copywriting – Whether it’s a translation into Japanese or an original piece, we can sell and share your message!

​#16. Magazine Advertising Assistance – Let’s get your international magazine adverts in Japanese and really get the message across!



With us as your partner it will be as if you have an entire digital media department staffed by both Native Japanese & English Speakers. A powerful asset for your business. 


Connect with us today:


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